About us

An olfactory imprint in the history of a man

When Benoît tells his story, he reveals in a humble manner that he did not follow a conventional academic path. His teachers acknowledged his talent, yet he didn’t feel at home within a preformatted mold. He quickly escapes from a system that doesn’t resonate with him. At a time when others are emerging from adolescence and experiencing carefree moments, Benoît takes his first steps into the working world, navigating through various odd jobs, leading him to gain experiences in different fields.

From those moments onward, the desire to work and surpass oneself becomes driving forces throughout his life. Entrepreneurship becomes a second nature for the young man he still is, accompanied by the early conviction that he is destined to create. He establishes several companies and gradually moves into the magical world of perfume. He says nothing, but it is a revelation. He will then keep this buried dream of one day having his own range of fragrances.

Perfume, for him?

It’s simply the story of a life, marked by moments both funny and sad, moving, each leaving its olfactory imprint. Ask Benoit, and he will tell you that perfume evokes emotions, opens the senses, and invites sharing: it has that magical quality that instantly transports you through time and to distant lands.

Creating the Gros-Désirs workshop is a personal investment, fueled by the idea of adding his own touch and eliciting touches of aromatic poetry. The release of the first collection is a significant step in the realization of a lifelong dream driven by a desire to share through subtle traces left on your skin.