L’atelier Gros-Désirs, creator of emotions.

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L’atelier Gros-Désirs, creator of emotions.

Through the creation of its perfumes, l’atelier Gros-Désirs transports your senses and invites you on a journey. Behind the different tones of fragrance lies a promise of discovery, desire, and emotions.
It's an ode to acceptance, multiculturalism, and above all, life.

More than four years of research and experimentation were required to achieve the desired results. At every stage of developing this innovative range, excellence was the guiding principle. The meticulous attention to every detail makes these fragrances remarkable and extraordinary.
The subtlety of each note was considered and studied to arouse your desire to choose the Gros-désirs Workshop as the creator of your memories.

No gender is the new chic!

L’atelier Gros-Désirs is a complete olfactory identity.
It has no equal. It aimed to be different from the perfumes already available on the market, and the result gives it an exclusive character.
From the perfume itself to its packaging, everything has been thought of as a unique and refined experience. L’atelier Gros-Désirs is the embodiment of French luxury and elegance, inspired by the Art Deco period; its bottle has been crafted like a work of art.