Cuir velouté



Top notes: Suede, raspberry, bergamot, saffron, plum, myrrh
Heart notes: Amberwood, white flower, leather, vetiver, iris
Base notes: Musk, amber, Cypriol, caramel, moss, labdanum, clary sage

Bottle 100 ml



This new olfactory experience from l’atelier Gros-Désirs was imagined for daring spirits. Blending mystery and refinement, each note of this perfume evokes an extraordinary and assertive personality. With top notes such as raspberry, bergamot, saffron, and myrrh, combined with airy and subtle base notes, the perfume skillfully blends intimacy, depth, and lightness.
It sublimates the inherent complexity of each individual, transcending time and gender. Man, woman, non-binary, young, old—concepts that seem abstract in the face of the boldness and elegance that each aroma of this ointment evokes.
The symbiotic blend of these fragrances evokes an eternal summer night, a night where only luxury and voluptuousness mingle with the vibrations of social evenings on the Aegean Sea. The gentle caress of the sun on the deck of an eighteen-meter yacht off the coast of Saint-Tropez, a couture fragrance with character that transports the world to your feet.